Why use QuickLookSM?

QuickLookSM was developed to do what mock trials cannot:

✓ To Collect Large Samples of Valid and Reliable Insights into juror reactions:

• the strengths and weaknesses of a case

• reactions to the parties

• verdict orientations

• range of damages

• the characteristics of plaintiff and defense jurors

• answers to specific client questions 

To Avoid the Cost and Time of travel to focus group facilities

To Obtain Immediate Answers

Benefits of QuickLookSM Case Analysis

COST —  QuickLookSM utilizes online research technologies to conduct jury research at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods $19,500

FAST —  Juror reactions can be collected and analyzed in five business days from the time we receive the fact patterns of the case.

RELIABLE — With a database of more than 2,000 surrogate jurors, clients can be assured that the information they received is based on large sample sizes of prequalified and prescreened test subjects.

QuickLookSM is an excellent technique to Assess Litigation Risk or Plan for a Trial

Does Venue Matter?

We are frequently asked “doesn’t Jury Research have to be conducted in the actual trial venue?” The answer is GENERALLY NO.  If there is some venue specific aspect or association with the case… The New York Yankees being sued in New York…then yes. However, in the vast majority of cases, generalized juror characteristics such as attitudes toward industries, companies, products, and brands OR plaintiff or defendant orientations, OR pro and anti business sentiments, AND a host of other attitudes are much more important in driving verdicts rather than geography.

Studies have been conducted on this issue and confirm this conclusion.  With large samples, capturing the distribution of Juror sentiments toward the issues in the case are far more relevant than small studies in a given venue.  As stated above, this assumes that there are not venue specific attributes associated with the litigation.

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