As the name implies, QuickLookSM has been designed for a “Quick Look” at how jurors are likely to view a case. It is Inexpensive, Fast, and More Reliable than ‘mock trials’ or telephone surveys.   It relies on state of the art online computer technology.

QuickLookSM is an online Jury Research Tool developed for:

• Assessing the Risks of Litigation
• Preparing a Particular Case for Trial

Using Online Jury Research Technology

New psychological research techniques have been developed to take advantage of the speed, efficiency, and cost of collecting information online.

Today, massive amounts of data can be captured, analyzed, and distributed for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional survey research methods. And, this technology can provide greater accuracy, reliability, and validity in providing insights into many aspects of human behavior.

QuickLookSM Jury Panel

Our 2,000+ member online jury database includes a nationwide sample of juror types representing all demographic, socio-economic, and political groups. In addition, the database contains information about panel members’ litigation related attitudes and general verdict orientations.


The integrity of the data we collect is predicated in part by the exceedingly high quality of this Jury Panel Database.  We have ensured the quality of this panel by carefully screening and vetting each individual participant. We use multiple processes to verify the identities of those invited to take part in our QuickLookSM studies. And we have instituted strict quality control measures to monitor their participation during the course of these exercises.

QuickLookSM information is obtained from a database of Surrogate Jurors from our proprietary Jury Panel. These jurors are provided, online, with the factual pattern of a case, the parties and damages asserted. Their reactions are collected and analyzed along with the extensive amount of background information we have previously obtained from the panel members.

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The QuickLookSM Database:

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