How It Works

To obtain a QuickLookSM analysis and report
the following procedures are necessary:

1. VRM (Vinson Resolution Management) will perform an immediate conflict check.

2. VRM will provide the client with a written agreement containing;

• A description of the nature and scope of the QuickLookSM Research Product

• A confidentiality provision

• A release of liability

• An agreed upon schedule for the performance of the work

3. The Fee for QuickLookSM is $19,500.

Client will submit a first installment payment of $9,750. Payment can be made by wire transfer, ACH, or check (via overnight delivery).

4. VRM will provide the client with QuickLookSM Research Guidelines.  This document will provide guidance when developing the written Case Description and your own specific survey questions regarding the case.  The document will also provide an agreed upon schedule of dates and times.

5. Client will provide VRM with a written Case Description outlining the essence of plaintiff’s case and defendant’s anticipated response.  VRM will provide guidance for the preparation of this summary.

This Case Description will be the only information Surrogate Jurors receive about the case.

6. VRM will complete the analysis of the Jury Panel Data by the agreed upon deadline and will bill the client for final fee payment of $9,750.  Upon receipt of payment, VRM will provide the client with the written report.

QuickLookSM Client Report

Clients receive, via email, a thorough REPORT providing the results of the study.

The REPORT will contain charts, graphs, and descriptive statistics that can be utilized by the client to develop insights and strategies for the matter. This will include:

• an analysis of juror reactions to the case,

• a presentation of the demographic and behavioral profile of the panel sample,

• and answers to specific questions regarding the case that had been previously submitted by the client.

NOTE: QuickLookSM is NOT a consulting product involving one-on-one, in person strategy sessions or interaction with a consultant.

For consultation, consulting advice, or analysis of specific case issues that require extensive, in-depth research, we are happy to refer clients to Vinson & Company for these services.

Deadlines and Schedules

It is critical that client adhere to the agreed upon schedule. Surrogate Jurors will have been recruited and will expect compensation on the time and date of their agreed upon participation in the study.  If client delays the process, there will be an additional fee charged to cover these costs.

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